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A New Class of Biomaterial

For a New Era of Therapy

Tempo is pioneering a paradigm shift in tissue regeneration with synthetic flowable materials that use geometric technology to unlock the body’s own regenerative capacity and control inflammation - an approach to tissue therapy that is completely free of expensive biologics, growth factors, and cells.

True tissue engineering has long been the unifying goal in many clinical verticals, that together create a fast-growing market opportunity for which Tempo holds the transformative and enabling technology.

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The Tempo Team

Tempo is a team of entrepreneurs, scientists, and physicians dedicated to bringing the MAP technology to market in multiple clinical areas, from wound healing to soft tissue reconstruction, medical device implantation, and orthopedic regeneration. Our team includes co-inventors of Tempo’s MAP technology, biotechnology development experts, and clinical leaders that position Tempo for strong growth as a biotechnology innovator.

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