The Tempo Team


Westbrook Weaver, PhD

Founder, Director, & CEO

Westbrook is a co-inventor of Tempo’s MAP material, and is the driving force behind early development at the company. He leads strategic and business development, as well as defining the critical path and leading company fundraising.

Donald Griffin, PhD

Founder, Director, & CSO

Don is a co-inventor of the MAP technology, and a leading expert in biomaterial tissue engineering. He has over 8 years of experience as a researcher and Bioengineering professor, and leads scientific & new technology efforts at Tempo.

Stephanie Deshayes, PhD

Principal Scientist

Stephanie is an expert in organic chemistry, biomaterials, and drug delivery systems, with over 12 years of experience in the field. She leads Tempo’s on-the-ground efforts in developing the MAP platform and new technology breadth.

Sam Timko

Associate Director of Product Development

Sam is a biotechnology and life science industry professional, with 10 years of experience in biologics manufacturing and FDA regulatory development. He leads Tempo’s manufacturing process and product/regulatory development pillar.

Philip Scumpia, MD PhD

Founder & Clinical Advisor

Dr. Scumpia is a dermatologist and expert immunologist, and co-inventor of Tempo’s MAP material. He assists in pre-clinical/clinical development.

Jumana Alhamdi, PhD

Project Scientist

Jumana has over 5 years of experience in orthopedic tissue engineering and immunology. She brings unique expertise to new technology development of Tempo’s biomaterial technology for multiple tissue applications.

Tempo's Board of Directors

Richard Profile
Richard Hancock
Rick has over 35 years of experience in biotechnology management where he has built global marketing and sales campaigns, structured and executed large contracts, licensing, partnerships, brought in significant venture investment, and taken companies through acquisition. Rick is crucial for Tempo’s business development strategy and corporate operations.
Dino Profile
Dino Di Carlo, PhD
Dino is a co-founder and co-inventor of Tempo's technology, He is the vice-chair of Bioengineering at UCLA, with 100+ peer reviewed journal articles and 20+ patents. He is also an experienced biotechnology entrepreneur, with two venture-backed companies. Dino plays a critical role in Tempo's early development.
Steven Profile
Steven Richieri, MBA
Steve has over 30 years of experience in the biotechnology and medical device arena. He has founded 4 successful companies where he served various executive roles including CEO and COO. He has regulatory experience, with 22 approved FDA submissions including 510(k), De Novo, and PMA mechanisms. Steve helps direct Tempo’s business development and regulatory execution.